How does it work? (Part 2):

Information collected by CallTraQ is presented in report form. All Reports can be Viewed / Printed / Saved or Emailed.

Below is an example of an Extension detail report for one extension (245). You may need to scroll your browser to the right to see all of the report.
As you can see there is a lot of information available about each call.

Information on the above report that comes from your Phone System is:

  Heading Column Name Description
  CT Call Type Type of call. O = Outgoing and I = Incoming
  Date Date of Call Date the call was placed or received.
  Time Time of Call Time the call was placed or received.
  Duration Call Duration Duration of the Call in Hours : Minutes : Seconds
  Ring Ring Time The amount of time the call rang before being answered. This information is not available from all phone systems
  Phone Number Phone Number This is the number dialed by the user on outgoing calls, and is the Caller ID number (if available from both your phone system and phone company) for incoming calls.
  Account Account Code This is the Account information entered by the user in order to identify a call as billable or traceable to a client, project, etc. This is commonly used by businesses that bill back clients.
  Comment Caller ID Name The field has 2 functions. If your phone system and phone company provide Name information with Caller ID, then that name will appear here. See below for more information on this field.

Information on the above report that is added by the CallTraQ system is:

  Heading Column Name Description
  Location Location of Call This column contains a City/State City/Province or Country name relating to the phone number. CallTraQ has an extensive database of information, updated 4 times a year that keeps this information current.
  Use $ Usage Cost This is the cost of the call, as define by you, using the very flexible pricing structure available in the CallTraQ system
  Time $ Time Billing This is the cost of employee time on the phone. CallTraQ can assign a cost for time on a call in order to assist in billing back clients or project. Commonly used by Lawyers and others, lets say you charge $200 per hour for your services. CallTraQ can cost the call at the rate of $3.33 per minute ($200 / 60 minutes)
  Trunk Group Group of Lines CallTraQ takes information on which phone line the call was carried on, and groups this information with other phone lines into a "Trunk Group". This allows you to easily see if the call was placed or received on the correct group of trunks. Great if you different services from different carriers, and you want to make sure the call was handled in the most cost effective way.
  Comment Comments As noted above, this column may contain Caller ID Data. CallTraQ also provides a Comment Database. This allows you to enter phone numbers, along with a comment (such as a company or persons name). When CallTraQ displays a report like the one above, the phone number is looked up in the Comment Database, and if found, the comment pertaining to that number is display. As you can see, we have had some fun in the report above, with a call to Columbia, by having a comment of Drug Supplier. This feature can be very helpful, especially in areas that do not have Caller ID Name.




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