How does it work? (Part 1):

CallTraQ, makes use of data your Telephone System already provides, but is going to waste. Most phone systems provide information (Call Records) about every telephone call placed and received. Call Records from your phone system are logged by the CallTraQ Software allowing you to manage more effectively.

Although information provided by different manufactures vary, all provide at a minimum:
  • Date & Time of the call.
  • Duration
  • Phone Line used
  • Extension Number
  • Phone Number Dialed

and many systems also provide

  • Caller ID Phone Number on incoming calls
  • Caller ID Name on incoming calls
  • Ring time (time the phone rang before being answered)
  • Charge Account information, used for billing back clients or projects
  • Authorization Code information, used to control access to outside phone lines, or long distance
CallTraQ makes use of all the above information to provide you with the most complete information possible.


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