What do I need to Install CallTraQ?:
  On your Telephone System:
    1) SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting) Port. Confirm with your Telephone system Manual, or Telephone Equipment supplier that your system already has this port as standard equipment. You need to determine if the port connection is Serial or via Network.

Click Here to see a list of Phone systems and the type of SMDR Port they provide. You can also send an email to and we will be happy to assist you in determining your situation.
    2) If your SMDR Port is Serial (and most are) then a cable may need to be run from where your phone system is, to where the PC is located that will be running the CallTraQ Software. Click Here for More Information  
    3) You need to confirm your SMDR Port has been activated, and that it is providing information about all of your telephone calls. Again you may need review your telephone system manual, or contact your telephone equipment supplier to ensure this is done.  
  On your Computer.  
    1) CallTraQ requires a Windows 98SE/NT4/W2K/WXP computer, with a minimum of 100MB free hard drive space. If you anticipate collecting lost of data (100's of thousands of record per month, then a larger hard drive will be required.  
    2) If your phone system SMDR port is Serial, then your computer will require a spare serial (COM:) Port. You can download a utility from our support page or by clicking here to search your PC to determine if you have a spare available port. If you do not have a spare port, then you can purchase a USB to Serial Adapter from us (or your local computer store) to provide one.  
    3) If your phone system SMDR port is via network connection or file transfer, then your computer will need to have access to the same network as your phone system in order to communicate. Click Here for More Information and Read the File Transfer section  
    4) CallTraQ comes on CD (or can be downloaded from our web site) To load from the CD, the Computer will require a CD-ROM drive.  


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