Your telephone has all the information you need to reduce expenses and effectivly manage employee telephone time. If your telephone could talk, it would tell you how much time is being spent on sales and servicing of YOUR customers and how much is being wasted.

Your Telephone CAN TALK! Are You Listening?

Employee Telephone Time, your Business Telephone System, and its Phone Lines combine to make one of the top expenses you have. Are your employees wasting time on lengthy calls, making too many personal calls, or making harassing calls? Do you have enough lines to handle your peak times? Do you have too many lines? Is your Long Distance Provider ripping you off? Should you be billing clinets/projects for telephone time and usage? Are your telephone agents handling the calls you require?

Virtually every business function touch's in one way or another on the use of the telephone, yet daily, YOU are expected to make decisions with little or no information?

There is a Solution... CallTraQ

CallTraQ, as its name implies is Call Tracking Software, also know as Call Accounting Software; Telephone Billing Software; Telephone Tracking Software; Call Detail Reporting; and Telephone Management. CallTraQ provides Tracking, Analysis, and Reporting of telephone usage utilizing telephone records your phone system already provides to maintain a phone log. Information provided by CallTraQ Call Accounting Software is incredibly powerful, and critical to effective management.

CallTraQ, Affordable; Easy to Use; Self-installing; Self-Maintaining; Call Accounting Software provides immediate results. Click the How It Works link to learn more about CallTraQ, how it works, what's required to install, what sort of information you get, and how to use this information..... or ...... click the Free 30 Day Trial link to download CallTraQ now and try it for yourself.


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