F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is CallTraQ
  CallTraQ is a Call Accounting Software package that tracks telephone usage in your business, and provides the information you need to manage your communications (and employee) costs effectively.
Is CallTraQ Expensive ?
  Not at all! Starting from under $400 (US$) you can be reaping the benefits of Call Accounting, tracking phone calls, monitoring your phone system, ensuring employee productivity, billing back clients etc.
Can I get a free Trial ?
  Yes. Click this Link to download the CallTraQ program (about 25mb). It will provide you with a full system to evaluate for a period of 30 days.
How do I know if my Phone System will work with your software ?
  If your phone system provides SMDR or CDR records, then you are set. Click this System Requirements link to review what you need.
Why would I need your CallStor IV, Secure Call Buffer ?
  CallTraQ Software captures data using a small utility program running in the background on your Windows based PC. We have all experienced our PC crashing or freezing or even blowing up. If this happens, then you are no longer recording call data until the situation is rectified. If this is not a big issue for you, then the CallTraQ Software alone is the perfect low cost solution.

On the other hand, the CallStor IV Secure Call Buffer Unit is a highly reliable external hardware device that records the data from your phone system 24/7 regardless of what your PC is doing. This as you can see is "much more secure" than relying on a PC. So if you are billing clients, ( or the data is critical to your operation ) then the CallStor IV is a must.
Does CallTraQ work with Caller ID ?
  Yes! CallTraQ fully supports both Number and Name information provided by your telephone company Caller ID service, and your telephone systems hardware.
Can more than one user generate\view reports from one system ?
  Yes. CallTraQ does support Multi-User, in a variety of ways to suit your needs. If you have a need in this area, send an email to and describe your application.
Can CallTraQ capture data from multiple locations ?
  Yes. CallTraQ supports both remote data capture, and dual reporting. This allows companies with multiple sites to report either locally, centrally or both. If you have a need in this area, send an email to and describe your application.
I have a Nortel Networks BCM. It does not have an SMDR Serial Port. What can I do?

The Nortel Networks BCM is fully supported by CallTraQ. The BCM does collect SMDR information internally. It can be configured to save its SMDR information on a daily basis into a file on any hard drive on the network. CallTraQ (when installed on the same network as the BCM) is configure to "Scan" for the presence of this file, and when it arrives, CallTraQ will import the information automatically.