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CallTraQ is Software providing a Call Accounting function.
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CallTraQ is essencial in helping you STOP Making the Most Common Mistakes most business make:

My phone bill is accurate. Phone companies are just like every other company. They make mistakes too, honest!!. If you blindly pay your bill every month without verifying it at least makes sense, then how do you know if your being ripped off? What if a error on your account bumps your per minute cost from 5 to 6 cents per minute. Would you notice it? This could cost $100's or even $1000's every year, and you may never know it. Most companies after a few months, even forget what rate they were paying for long distance.

With CallTraQ working for you, you can quickly verify your bill. Just ask CallTraQ for the total cost of calls for the same dates as your phone company bill, and instantly see if the totals match. What could be simpler.

My Phone System is equipped correctly. Most businesses decided on the number of phone lines they needed by listening to the recommendation of their phone company representative, who in most cases is paid on commission. Just having two more phone lines than you need may be costing you over $1000 every year, year after year.

On the other hand, if your phone lines are all busy at peak periods during the day, how much business are you loosing? How do you know if all your lines are busy? Do you wait for your customers to complain? I mean the ones who did not give their order to your competitor, because they could not get through.

With CallTraQ working for you, you'll have all the information you need to make the right decision. Ask CallTraQ to provide a Trunk (Phone Line) Summary report. You will be able to see how much activity you have on each and every line. If some lines have very little or no activity over a month span, then you can be confident in telling the phone company to disconnect one or more lines, and start saving $$$

On the other hand, if all of your trunks seam quite busy, it may be that you have too few trunks to handle your volume of calls. You would then continue your analysis by looking at how busy your lines are at certain times during the day, and if during peak periods all your lines are busy, then its time to get more lines installed, to prevent lost business.

Abuse is not an issue for me If you have agents handling incoming, or making outgoing calls, how do you know if they are doing what you require. How many of the calls are personal? Are some employees long winded, and continually keep conversations going on the phone to talk about the weather or sports.

With CallTraQ, you will be tracking this activity. Most CallTraQ users are blown away, when they see the facts for the first time. CallTraQ shows you who is dogging it and who is truly giving you your moneys worth. Studies have shown that the fact that employees know they are being monitored will increase their productivity 10%-20%. Also, when it comes to promotions, raises, or termination, there is no substitute for "Hard Evidence" of performance or abuse!

Long distance is so cheap, its almost free. Long distance may be almost free these days, but your phone lines and payroll are far from free. An employee earning just $15 per hour who spends an extra 5 minutes, 5 times a day talking about personal stuff is costing you well over $1500 per year, not to mention clogging up your phone lines, increasing the number of lines you need. Imagine if you have 5 - 10 - 20 - 100 employees doing the same thing. That's costing you hugh dollars.

CallTraQ will show you the duration, phone number, and location of each call. CallTraQ will also tell you the average duration of calls by individual users or groups. You will have the hard evidence you need to confront employees, and increase productivity, and reduce waste and expense.

I have nothing to worry about when it comes to security. If your company has more than 20 employees, it's almost assured that you DO have something to worry about. People, for many reasons, make calls you need to be concerned about; harassing calls; bomb threats; 911 calls; adult chat lines; obscene calls; you name it. Maybe you have an employee going through a messy divorce, making harassing calls or a disgruntled employee calling in a bomb threat. It happens, and more often than you might think...

What about remote access. Does your system allow you to call in from a remote location? Are hackers getting in at night? Are the cleaning staff using your phones?

With CallTraQ on your side, trace those calls and find out who is responsible. With CallTraQ you can enter whole or partial phone numbers, and get a listing of calls that match, who made them, and when.

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