CallTraQ is indispensable to companies with Agents on the Phone:

Are any of the following true in your business:

  • I have agents on the phone making calls
    • I require my agents to make 'X' calls per day
    • I require my agents to have 'X' hours talk time on the phone
    • I pay my agents only for time spent on the phone
    • I need to prove appropriate behavior in case of complaints
      For example, a collection agency may need to prove they only called during certain hours,
      and no more than a certain number of times each week.
  • I have agents on the phone answering calls
    • I require my agents to keep call times short
    • I require my agents to maintain a minimum of 'X' hours talk time
  • I need to ensure my sales people keep in constant contact with our customers

With CallTraQ :

  • Monitor agent activity, with a Department or Extension Summary report
    • see who is meeting there numbers
    • who is not...
    • who starts early
    • who works late
  • See who your agents are calling, or who's calling them with an Extension Detail Report.
    • weed out Personal Calls
    • improve productivity.



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